In situ microscopy labs

3121-J Eng. V

Dept. Materials Science and Engineering

University of California Los Angeles

410 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095


Phone: 310-206-8174;   Fax: 310-206-7353;

Last modified: 02/2015

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Suneel Kodambaka

Associate Professor

Our research focuses on the growth physics of low-dimensional (0D, 1D, & 2D) crystals such as quantum dots, nanowires, layered materials (graphene, hexagonal boron nitride or hBN, MoS2, etc.), and thin films as well as thermochemical, and mechanical characterization of refractory materials with potential applications in:

* Aerospace

* Catalysis,

* Energy storage/harvesting, &

* Nanoelectronics industries.

Emphasis is on the fundamental understanding of morphological, structural, and compositional evolution in these materials. To this purpose, we use in situ optical microscopy based electrodeposition, liquid-cell TEM, high-vacuum scanning/transmission electron microscopies (SEM/TEM) ultra-high vacuum low-energy electron microscopy (UHV LEEM), and UHV variable-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy (UHV VT-STM),

UHV VT-STM image of monolayer graphene/Pd(111)

UHV VT-STM image of monolayer hBN/Pd(111)

SEM image of MoS2 domains on SiO2/Si

In situ TEM images acquired during uniaxial compression of ZrC(111) crystals.